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Affordable Beemer Services LLC is owned and operated by Chris Harris. Its origin is a simple story of the necessity for an alternative to the high priced, assembly-line type service available from big dealerships. In May of 2000, within days of having just left his position at Second Wind BMW in Milford, NH, where he was Head Technician and Service Manager, he was approached by several BMW riders and encouraged to start an independent BMW service shop. As the requests for this mounted over the first few weeks, Chris was finally persuaded to create Affordable Beemer Services LLC. It was Chris' desire from the beginning to offer service far superior to what was offered by the big dealerships and to do it at a lower cost to the consumer.

Our Business Philosophy

Properly scheduled service of your BMW motorcycle is essential to achieving the longevity that has given BMW such a great reputation in the long distance riding community. Our focus is to provide that service at a higher standard, in a friendlier environment and at a much lower cost than what you get from your local dealership. We know your BMW well. We want to get to know you, also. Our customers are the reason for our success, not the bikes they ride. Try us out. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

The faces of Affordable Beemer Services LLC:

Chris R. Harris   Owner / Technician

I do not take service lightly. I feel that accountability and excellence are two of the most important aspects in the motorcycle industry that are frequently lacking in today’s high-pressure, high-volume dealerships. One must be knowledgeable, experienced and honest to achieve the level of excellence that I require from myself and my employees. Your satisfaction in the quality of our service is paramount to the success of Affordable Beemer Services LLC and is what has kept this business going strong for over a decade. Integrity and accountability help to eliminate the frequent misunderstanding and "buck-passing" that you find at some larger service departments.

Personal Info:

I started riding Off-Road in 1979, several months before I turned 13. Ten years later I purchased my first street bike and in July 1991 I purchased a new 1990 BMW K1. I was fortunate enough to have been able to put 53,000 miles on the K1 in 13 months of great riding all over the East Coast, Southern and South Western States before it was "totaled" in a very minor accident. It was then replaced by a '92 K100RSA which was ridden for 47,000 miles in 11 months. During this time I worked at BMW of Daytona, Deming Cycle BMW/Honda and for Southwest Motorcycle Tours in New Mexico, returning to New Hampshire in the spring of 1993. Over the course of 8 years, this BMW accrued over 168,000+ miles but spent 2 & 1/2 years of its life at the dealership for service and repairs. This unreasonable amount of downtime spurred my desire to become a certified BMW technician and to better schedule customers service work once I became an employee at Second Wind BMW in 1998. You buy a BMW to ride, not to have it sitting in a service department somewhere, waiting for weeks to be looked at and then not even serviced or repaired properly. I had ridden over 300,000 miles on BMW motorcycles from 1991 to 2000 when I started Affordable Beemer Services LLC. Business & family responsibilities have kept me out of the long distance saddle since then but I was still able to enjoy frequent Dual-Sport and Off-Road rides. I have owned over 20 bikes over the course of my riding career including several BMW's. Since 2008 my riding time is spent mostly off road on Ural sidecars, frequently w/ my twin boys. These Russian rigs never cease to amaze me and I became a certified Ural Service Center in early 2010.

Sean Murphy:

Sean is happily married and has 3 children. His youngest son Liam began racing motocross at age four in 2009. Sean has worked in the automotive field since he was a kid also serving in the US Army for six years as a heavy-wheeled and tracked vehicle technician. In civilian life he has owned an automotive repair shop and worked in varying capacities in automotive dealerships including Volkswagen, so he is experienced with ‘German-Engineering’. He has been riding off-road with Chris and been helping out in the shop occasionally since 2004. In November 2012 Sean decided to leave the automotive service life and team up with Affordable Beemer Services. Sean is an incredibly conscientious technician and having worked with Chris for the past eight years has become very familiar with BMW motorcycles. With Sean’s assistance we will be able to reduce waiting periods for service and bring long-term projects to completion sooner than ever before while still providing the excellence in service that has earned Affordable Beemer Services a stellar reputation.

Tammy Harris:

Tammy & Chris met in 1997. Since Chris started Affordable Beemers she handles the office end of the business. Tammy graduated top of her class with a Bachelor of Science cum laude in Zoology from the University of Vermont in 1990 and is currently Tammy Harris DPT having earned her doctorates degree in physical therapy in 2011. Tammy & Chris were married in June of 2002 and welcomed their twins on 01 May of 2005. Tammy has owned a Yamaha XT250, Kawasaki KZ440LTD, BMW K75C, a BMW R1100S and a Suzuki DR350SE dual sport bike and has been riding since 1998. She has also been bitten by the Ural Russian sidecar 'bug' and Chris is rebuilding one for her during the winter of 2012/2013.

Damian & Erich Harris:

Our identical twin sons, while not yet ready for a toolbox of their own, can frequently be found riding "shotgun" with Chris in one of the trucks or one of our Ural sidecars. They are quite happy slogging through the mud or snow in the sidecar.