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In order to provide you with the best service with minimal downtime, I strongly recommend that you e-mail, or call, to make an appointment. I do my best to keep the service schedule flexible enough to accept last minute repairs, trip preparations, EMERGENCIES and service work. But, please call before you stop in for a visit. I generally work 12+ hour shifts in the shop Tuesdays through Fridays and a quick visit can delay the completion of the days scheduled work of someone else's bike. Please call first or send an e-mail to make sure that I will be available to help you. We are closed Saturday through Monday so that our orders can be placed, business errands completed, test riding performed, etc.
Thank You,


  • /5, /6 & /7 models
  • R50, R60, R65 and R80 models
  • R90S & R90/6 models
  • All R100 models
  • R850R
  • All R1100 models
  • R1100RT-P Police Motors
  • All R1150 models > 2004
  • R1200C and its derivatives
  • All K75 models
  • K75RT-P Police Motors
  • All K100 models
  • All K1100 models
  • All first generation F650 models
  • All URAL Models

I am sorry but I do not offer service for the K1200, R1200 ‘Hexhead’, F800, F650GS or any BMW newer than the 2004 model year. These models are not in my area of expertise so I prefer to focus on the models that I know best (1970 ~ 2004 years).

Why 2004 and Older BMW's You May Ask? A few thoughts on that....

While the majority of our time working on BMW's is spent performing routine services, tire replacement and spline lubes, we also perform the following repairs and modifications.
Please take note that some of the following repairs are done via sublet sources so there will likely be shipping and scheduling delays that are far beyond our control. Thank you.

  • Excess Oil Consumption Repairs
  • Cyl. Head Stud Repair
  • Cam Chain Guide Replacement
  • Steering Head Bearing Replacement
  • Drive Spline Rebuilds
  • Transmission Gear Under-cutting
  • Transmission Rebuilds
  • Driveshaft Rebuilds
  • Rear Drive Unit Rebuilds
  • Rear Drive Spline Rebuilds
  • Ultrasonic Carb Cleaning
  • Fork Rebuilding
  • Suspension Upgrades
  • Airhead Charging Systems
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Electrical Diagnostics
  • Strobe Lighting Additions