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Technical Issues and Advice: Service Tips Videos to Save Time!

Oil Sight Windows in Oilheads and K models:

Leaking Oil Level Sight Window. This is NOT good!

Replace yours immediately if it looks like this, BEFORE IT BLOWS OUT!!!

When checking your engine oil level, make sure there is no oil weeping from the oil level sight window. These sight windows are only pressed in and held by compression of the rubber outer ring. If it is weeping oil it WILL blow out!!! There have been several cases of these windows blowing out and causing a near-crash or catastophic fire. If it is weeping/leaking... Have it replaced IMMEDIATELY. For those of you who travel long-distance, I would suggest carrying a spare one with you so that you can have it replaced wherever you might be when you find it is leaking. I can't possibly over emphasize the importance of checking this frequently. It is even more important than checking your tire pressure.

Oil Filter Changes:

When changing your "spin-on" oil filter, do yourself a favor and, with a black marker, write the date, mileage and weight of oil used on the top of the oil filter. By doing so, you not only have a record of when your oil was changed, but this info will also let your technician know what type of oil you use and therefore, what type he should put back in or add while servicing your BMW. Unfortunately, at many dealerships now, you don't get to meet the tech who is actually servicing your bike, since at many shops you can no longer view the service deptartment. This simple task will help alleviate any confusion. Some other tips for the "Do it yourself" riders: Lubricate the rubber O-Ring with USED oil, not new oil, to help prevent the O-Ring from sticking to the engine block when you next remove the filter. Torque it to (you do own a torque wrench, right?) 11 NM. BMW also mandates that technicians add BLUE Locking compound to all drain plugs that use a "crush washer" to seal the plug. NOT the FILL plugs. Just the drains. This serves 2 purposes. It helps seal against leaks and it keeps the plug in place in case you have a "moment" and forget to TORQUE the drain plug to 32 NM. Again, you do own a torque wrench don't you? Did I mention that if you do ANYTHING on your BMW that you should buy a quality torque wrench? One can be purchased for as little as $60. It is the best security blanket you could add to your toolbox.